Sony Boss Says Blu-ray/HD-DVD War At A "Stalemate"

howard_stringer_225.jpgAre we having fun living in the HD Era yet? Sony isn't, as it considers the war with HD-DVD a "stalemate" now that Paramount and Dreamworks have left the Blu-ray camp. Despite a decent penetration of PlayStation 3s capable of playing the hi-def format, the Microsoft endorsed HD-DVD format is holding its own. And although Sir Howard Stringer wishes he could magically turn back time and fight for a unified high-def disc, he doesn't consider winning the format war "all that." Oh, yes, he did.

According to the Associated Press' report on Stringer's speech, sales of the PlayStation 3 have doubled in the U.S. following the recent price cut and that it has taken the number one spot on the European charts.

We have no idea exactly how Sir Stringer is quantifying that. Probably with some crazy equation that involves an intricate pounds to dollars to yen to volume. There's probably a 1 carried in there. Unfortunately, since the NPD group has decided to deny publication of hardware sales going forward, we'll have a less clear idea on how it's actually faring in North America.

Sony CEO sees 'stalemate' in disc fight [AP/Yahoo]


    this is such a poorly written article is not funny... Paramount and Dreamworks were never in the blu ray camp so how can they leave... and because that fact is incorrect the rest of the article makes no sense... Paramount and Dreamworks are with hd dvd... and how is hd dvd holding its own, WB is going with blu ray... this fight is over, and the writer of this article really needs to get his fact straight.

    how much were you paid to write this article? M$ sponsored software for free maybe?

    Huh wah? Get your damn facts straight. The war is over, Blu ray won with capture of WB.

    Not only has WB now backed BD but according to a source at the Financial Times, Paramount is due to exercise a clause in their recent HD DVD contract which will see them jump ship back to BD.

    It's all over for the HD DVD camp and these sort of delusional articles which keep somehow appearing are pathetically sad.

    Stop flogging a dead horse and get on the BD wagon so we can all enjoy an HD future together.

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