Sony Boss Says PS3 "Momentum" On Par With PS2

howard_stringer_225.jpgThe main man at Sony, Sir Howard Stringer, finds the current state of the PlayStation 3 simply peachy. In fact, Stringer thinks the Blu-ray ready PS3 could match the PlayStation 2 in terms of success, according to an e-mail interview with the Hollywood Reporter. He wrote that Sony's price drop and more aggressive marketing tactics were "planned by the PlayStation group, but I think this momentum now — particularly the number of games coming out, including our own as well as third-party — is the same as it was with PlayStation 2."

Stringer added that the PlayStation 3, still struggling in North American sales charts in October, was "not behind the curve compared to PlayStation 2 in terms of momentum." If only there were some analytics that could prove or disprove this notion, say, sales figures or games available for the platform. Sadly, the data just simply isn't there and we're leaving it up to our bowl of chicken bones to give us answers.

Sony's latest console did perform quite admirably during its debut week in Japan, but we won't know how North American consumers reacted to the price drop until next month. We'll know soon enough, however, if the PlayStation 3's resurgence in Japan is the start of a new trend or simply a one-week fluke. I'm leaning toward something more in between the two.

Stringer talks a Blu-ray streak [The Hollywood Reporter]


    The PS3 could be a steaming pile of dog turd that doesn't have any games and he would say the same thing. Man's gotta talk up his product but somehow I don't think the PS3 will ever come close to the juggernaut that was the PS2 (even if it does last 10 years).

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