South Park Teases Guitar Hero

Many of you have probably already watched South Park's Guitar Hero episode that aired last night, but we enjoyed this very telling clip that compares playing real guitar to playing the hyperbolic air guitar that we know better as the GH controller. Because we understand where those kids are coming from. Back in our band days, we'd have loved some positive reinforcement for nailing our trombone solo. Alas, the real world is not garnished with the crack that is a high score.

Hit the jump for an entry from South Park's production blog about the experience of making the episode.

...tonight's episode is a sobering experience. After watching it come together I feel like maybe we flew a little too close to the nerdy sun with Guitar Hero. Maybe we should take a step back and look at the dark side of being a Guitar Hero:

More often than not, a dude who pulls out a guitar looks and behaves like a total douche. We've all seen it before: some jerk trying to impress the ladies with his badass skills banging out Coldplay as hard as he can. Ugh.

Well, imagine that douche . . . now take away the guitar and replace it with a plastic video game controller. We're even worse than that loser, because we're pretending to be him, all the while tapping our feet and clicking our fingers with the same proud idiocy that the real-life jerk performs with.

So true. And so horrifyingly wonderful.

Mike McMahan, Production Assistant: The Long And Nerdy Road [southparkblog]


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