SSFIITHDR Made Softer, More Cuddly For Casuals

ssfiithdr_balance.jpgThe man largely responsible for the "re-balancing" of Capcom's other hi-def remake Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, David Sirlin, recently posted about the upcoming changes to Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, tweaks he hopes will make the 2D fighter more approachable to noobs. Sirlin, who notes his suggested balances to SSFIITHDR are designed to make the game "more inclusive rather than exclusive", focus firstly on pulling off certain moves. Executing Zangief's spinning pile driver, for instance, can be a challenge on the d-pads of current gamepads, as are certain moves by Sagat, Fei Long, and Cammy. In the new optional "inclusive" version, these moves have been simplified.

Hundred hand slaps and flaming jump kicks join 360 degree controller spins as examples of special moves that won't be as challenging in the new mode.

There's more than a handful of changes to the controls, as "top tier" characters have been slightly nerfed for tournament play. In turn, some underpowered characters have been given a bit of a boost. While the news is sure to upset finicky high-level players, they should keep in mind that the game's original characteristics will still remain intact.

However, for those looking for a more accessible Super Street Fighter II Turbo, one that might be playable on a DualShock 3 with less frustration, the changes should be welcome. Those intimidated by expert players who have over ten years of practice on the game should find an easier option as one of the remake's pros.

Behind-the-Scenes: Rebalancing Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (part 1) [Capcom]


    Seriously - in 50 years time when I'm playing SF2 on the latest xyz console the acronym will be so extended I'll need a 200" screen just to see the title...

    SFII - original
    SFIICE - Chamption Edition
    SFIITHF - Turbo: Hyper Fighting
    SFIIHTNC - The New Challengers
    SSFIITHTNC - Super Turbo
    SSFIITHTNCTAE - The Anniversary Edition

    the only limit to the name... is your imagination. i wonder how many people have tried to collect every copy ? :P

    I can just see the ultra hardcore SF fans chucking a massive massive hissy fit at these changes.

    I don't envy game companies. Don't change enough and people piss on you for recycling, change too much and the fans piss on you for destroying the warm happy nostalgic memories they had of the franchise.

    If I ever started a game company, I think I'd deliberately set precedent for people to expect radical changes in every release of every franchise just so they don't get comfy.
    But thats because I prefer change/fresh material over the same old crap. But then I'm not a self absorbed emo whiner that wants to carry a sword 4x my height
    (burn on FF fans)

    Is any of this making sense or have I been at work too long? >_>

    Quite the opposite. Most fans are pretty excited by the changes. Because every change has a very good reason. Its not just changes put it because they think it will be better, its changes suggested and tested by top tournament players in the US and even in Japan. These are the changes that these top players are wanting in the game they essentially consider perfect.

    Also, Sirlin has posted Prt 2 of this rebalancing blogs. Its on just Ryu himself.

    @SHOITAAN - what your saying is, don't do sequels.

    Problem is that the more known a 'brand' is the more money you can make from it. People like familiar and known, making something new/revolutionary/different is expensive and won't make u much money. Which in the end, is all publishers care about. (yes, yes there is goodwill factored into their costs but still)

    There is room for companies you describe, but only in the lower cost category. A++ have too many costs riding on them for a gamble.

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