Standing Up for Rat Race

victorseyes.jpg Early footage of PSN game/content/filler/whatever Rat Race was supposed to be funny, but it isn't. At all. And when jokes aren't funny, there is only one thing to do: Blame the dude that wrote them. African American albino Victor Varnado (above) penned Race Rat, and he's doing damage control:

Here's what really happened. Some of the stuff that was leaked onto GameTrailers was some of the stuff meant for internal use, not something that was a finished product that would go out... That isn't our best foot forward... We'll make sure that what we put out next is something we've gone over and that we're proud of.

Varnado actually is a gamer and has some programming experience. He's also a standup comic. A really funny one at that. We're willing to give it another chance, but damn, it better be good.

Rat Race [Multiplayer Blog][Image]


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