Star Trek MMO Going "More Casual"

star_trek_mmo.jpgPerpetual Entertainment's new purse-string holders haven't only shaken up (read: cancelled) development on Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, they've got their dirty fingers in Star Trek Online, reports Shacknews. The results? They're a bit expectations-lowering. According to Shacknews' anonymous internal source, Star Trek Online is going in a new, "more casual" direction, a move that doesn't seem to be sitting well with some of Perpetual's employees, and one that drops monthly subscriptions for an in-game item buying model.

Little has actually been shown of Star Trek Online, but development resources were shifted from Gods & Heroes to the game and the developer's MMO platform according to Executive Producer Chris McKibbin. Further details on the dev's financial situation at the link.

Star Trek Online to Become "More Casual," Developer Perpetual Acquired by New Ownership [Shacknews]



    As if you wouldn't name yourself that in the MMO.

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