Stringer: US PS3 Sales Boost Is A "Breakthrough"

howie.jpgAccording to Sony boss Howard Stringer, the PlayStation 3 has seen a massive sales boost in the US following the introduction of the 40GB model and subsequent price-cut of the existing 60 & 80GB units. Sales of the console were 30-40,000 per week prior to the new model's launch. Now? They sold 75,000 PS3s in the 40GBs first week, and 100,000 the week after, prompting Stringer to gush:

It's the breakthrough we've been anticipating. We've been holding our breath...Obviously, we've taken so much heat over the year on PS3. Finally, the turning point has been passed.

Sure was a breakthrough! Now if only they could sell that many discounted, bundled-with-games, backwards-compatible consoles every week, they'd be set. Oh, wait...

[Associated Press]


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