Sunday Telegraph Lists PS3 in Annual Tech Guide


This week's Sunday Telegraph Magazine, the Sydney Telegraph's weekend magazine, includes a Tech Guide which gives readers a chance to "Eye up this year's latest and greatest, from all singing and dancing mobile phones to the mod squad of gadgets."

Only one video game console made the cut to be included in the five-page special feature. Listed under the category "Beyond" with a laptop, digital weather station, keyboard and wireless mouse and home digital media player is the Playstation 3.

Game consoles have come a long way, and so too have the price tags. For those among us who winced when Sony released its PlayStation 3 with a $1000 price tag, the company has wiped $300 off just in time for Christmas. The new 40GB model doesn't quite match the 60GB model that was released earlier this year, but should provide enough storage and features to keep gamers happy, pumping out exceptional gaming experience at a more affordable price. And don't forget, it connects to the internet and plays music and high-definition Blu-Ray DVDs, too.

Nothing against the PS3, certainly not now that its dropped its price and is getting some amazing games for the holidays, but it does seem weird to not include the 360 and Wii, especially without any explanation.


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