Super Mario Galaxy In The House

smgpackage.jpgCrecente keeps ending up out of town during Nintendo's big releases. First he was out of the country when Metroid Prime 3 dropped, and now Super Mario Galaxy is days away from release and he's laying low in Australia. Thus the burden of playing and writing impressions on said games falls to me. FedEx delivered that package literally 15 minutes ago, which included Nintendo's usually lovely letter, the game itself, and the limited edition commemorative collector's coin that was a preorder bonus for the game, all wrapped in some lovely black paper with silver speckles to represent the vastness of space. Impressions of the game shall come after I've spent some time with it. As for the coin, it's shiny and you cannot bite through it, which are two of my favourite physical properties.


    I hope gamestop is giving out this collectors coin, I cant wait for this game!

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