Super Mario Massacre, Mario Gets "M" Rating

X-Play is featuring this short on their Super Mario Galaxy show tonight. And we thought it was pretty funny up until the last shot, which sealed the deal for the post. But even in TV parody, it seriously disturbs us to see Mario as an evil serial killer. That's what Luigi's for—to finish off the flattened/disoriented turtles and mushrooms with a hunting knife after Mario has scrolled off the screen.


    No wonder I always felt uneasy about 1-2... now I'll never be able to play it again :S

    That really freaked me out. Nope...theres not much more I can comment on it other than I'm glad I don't own SMG yet...

    can't sleep...mario will eat me...can't sleep...

    That wasn't freaky at all... you guys really need to get out from the church basement more >_>

    As for laughs, I liked the one where Mario was a junkie/mushroom addict a lot better.

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