Super Mario...Sisters?

supermar.jpgCompanies file for trademarks all the time. Sometimes it's to genuinely trademark a product, sometimes it's to stop others from trademarking a product, and sometimes it's just in case. This is a "just in case" filing. Just in case Nintendo went mascot mad. On February 27, 1990, the company filed a trademark application for an electronic game program called "SUPER MARIO SISTERS". What ever could it have been? We can only guess, because the company decided to abandon any and all plans for an inaugural female spin-off/gender-confused platformer/Giana Sisters-beater a year later, in December 1991. Still...interesting! For those further interested, there's a grab of the filing after the jump.

mariosis.jpg United States PTO [thanks Collin!][Image]


    i really want this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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