Tekken Movie Details Emerge

tekkendetails.jpgFirst comes the movie poster, and then come the movie details. Movie news site IESB has gotten their hands on the audition slides from Tekken, and have poured over them distilling pertinent info for our reading enjoyment. Audition slides are key scenes from the movie used to see how role hopefuls react in those situations. We discover that Jin is a smuggler and junkie who is matched against Marshall Law in the tournament. Bryan Fury is being blackmailed by Kazuya, who at some point in the film locks up his dad, forcing Jin to try and save him. At some point the assembled fighters, listed as Marduk, Phoenix, Anna, Nina, Christie, Raven, Gorgo (Eddy!), Fury, Dragunov and Jin, stage an escape from the Mishima complex, which results in the death of a fighter. Who? No clue, and quite honestly this info could all change by the time the actual movie comes out, but an interesting read nonetheless. TEKKEN Movie Details! [IESB.net]


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