Tekken, Onimusha Movie News

tekkenposter.jpgTEKKEN: There's been a Tekken movie in the pipeline for yeeeeaaaaars now. Thing is, it's gone nowhere, spending a good 3-4 years in limbo. Probably because nobody could be bothered getting it running, especially after Dead Or Alive's stellar box office reception. Well Screen Gems don't seem to mind, getting the ball rolling by releasing a teaser poster as well as announcing Charles Stone will direct. Stone's pedigree? Dude directed and starred in those Budweiser "waaassuuppp" ads. Yup.

ONIMUSHA: Christophe Gans' work on a screenplay is coming along nicely, and word is it'll start filming next April. We know, he botched Silent Hill, but Onimusha has a lot more kicking to the face. Those movies are a lot harder to mess up. Tekken Poster and Onimusha News! [ComingSoon, thanks Maggot!]


    "botched Silent Hill"? What the hell? I loved the movie, and so did everybody I know who saw it, and they were all big SH fans too.

    @Mr Waffle: I liked SH too. Loved Gans' Brotherhood of the Wolf.

    There's a questionable scene towards the end of SH that I thought was a bit extreme, but otherwise it's the most faithful game-to-movie adaptation I've watched.

    And you will not find a bigger fan of survival horror than me. ;)

    Yeah man. Silent Hill was awesome. No it wasn't the game, but I'm pretty sure we've realized that games cannot be made directly in to movies, it just doesn't work. Gans took the Silent Hill universe and made it work. I am an avid SH fan with my obsession of Pyramid Head bordering on insane and I enjoyed the SH movie as a great addition to the SH universe.

    Team Silent even helped him direct the movie! So you are actually hating on the creators of Silent Hill :O

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