Tetris "L-Block" Trounces The Competition

cb6.jpg I usually don't pay too close attention to online polls, but when Kotakuite hero.of.time sent in this one I had to give a chuckle. Gamefaqs is currently running the sixth in a series of Character Battle polls wherein readers vote between four characters on who would win in a fight. After narrowing it down from a list that included the likes of Samus, Mega Man, Ryu, Sephiroth and other top contenders, only four characters will remain in the final battle. The final semi-final battle is on now and in a battle between a Tetris L-block, Solid Snake, Master Chief and Dante, the L-block is slamming the competition with a whopping 32,953 votes followed by Solid Snake with 24,497 votes. The two top characters in this battle will go on to the finals and currently Link and Cloud are in the winner's circle awaiting their two remaining competitors. Will the L-block reign supreme? Cast your vote and decide. Is it ridiculous? Of course, but it's Saturday and news is slow. So, sue me.

Character Battle VI [GameFaqs]


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