The 40GB PS3 Didn't Sell Out in Den-Den Town

2007-11-13-300.jpg When the Xbox 360 Elite hit Japan, the black console sold right out. And when the 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 went on sale, it didn't. Japanese site Ota Road claims that the limited edition Elites (Japan only got 5,000) wasn't nearly as abundant as the 40GB PS3. What's more, the new and cheaper PLAYSTATION 3 doesn't seem like it sold out anywhere in Osaka's Den-Den Town. Things to keep in mind: This isn't based on official sales figures, but rather visiting multiple Den-Den Town retailers. What's more, stores most likely had a larger stock of 40GB PLAYSTATION 3s than Xbox 360 Elites. However, the Elite's launch was backed by little to no support from Xbox Japan, while Sony rolled out four television ads for the new, cheaper PS3 model. That's not to say this new model is a failure, but rather, that it just didn't sell out like the Xbox 360 Elite did. As we posted earlier, there was a good turnout at the Akihabara launch. We won't know until we see the sales figures, though. One thing that is sure: There's no shortage of 40GB PS3s in Japan.

Did the Elite do Better? [Ota Road]


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