The Custom Last Starfighter Arcade Machine

last_starfighter.jpgTwo MAME-worthy creations in one day? Can you handle the intense ROM downloading?! This time, you may be motivated to do more than just fire up the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, dick around with Pac-Gentleman for a minute or two and switch off. You may be inspired to create your own version of the The Last Starfighter cabinet, complete with working The Last Starfighter video game. The fruits of the labors of Rogue Synapse, whose previous works include a working Space Paranoids arcade cabinet from Tron, are yours to enjoy and include specs for building a replica of the stand-up arcade unit from the 1984 sci-fi movie. Make your way to their site for more details and photos, plus info on the group's other projects. File under "neat-o."

The Last Starfighter [Rogue Synapse via Arcade Heroes]


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