The Disappearing NPD Hardware Numbers

kotaku_magichat.jpg One of my long-standing pet peeves about the videogame industry is that we don't get very good — or fast — sales data. In the movie business the public knows if a movie bombs or succeeds a day or two after it first hits theaters. But videogame hardware and software sales are a black hole until either a game company pre-announces numbers (like Activision did with Guitar Hero III) or more often when the NPD data comes out every month.

Well, the situation is about to get worse, not better. As N'Gai Croal reports in my most recent Monday Morning Quarterbacking exchange with him at Newsweek's Level Up Blog, starting with the October data NPD will no longer release console hardware sales numbers. And to add insult to injury, only the top 5 selling games will be published as opposed to the current top 10. N'Gai points out we will probably (or should I say hopefully?) get the hardware numbers individually from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Still, it baffles me that the public will now be getting less data, not more.

Level Up's Monday Morning Quarterbacking [Newsweek]


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