The Forgotten Awesomeness Of Road To Sunday

rtos.jpg So, there's this mysterious personage called "Surfer Girl", who purports to be a gaming insider - Kotaku has previously run her tips on Prince Of Persia 4 and other games, and if she's not privy to inside information, she's certainly great at piecing together info.

In any case, she has two blogs, and the second, "Such Things That Never Was", deals with games that never came out. Her latest post discusses the somewhat forgotten 'Road To Sunday' non-licensed football games planned by Sony back in 2005, and boy, this was crazier than I recalled - sadly, both games were cancelled:

Road to Sunday was the football/fighting cross where a football owner, his partner, and his team have to the owner's father's debt to a Jamaican kingpin, and that debt is now his because the father was killed in a mysterious explosion. You brawled in the Santa Monica Pier, Griffith Observatory, a game show set, tunnels under the White House, outside the Mann's Grauman Chinese Theatre, Sepulveda Dam, the Alamo, Los Angeles River, The Encounter Restaurant, subway tunnels, yacht floors, and a surf shop.

From NFL GameDay 2005 to Road to Sunday [Such Things That Never Was]


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