The Gamestop Nintendogs Bundle For Bitches

nintendogs_bundle.jpgApparently the Gamestop corporation believes that the recently announced Nintendo DS bundles, featuring fancy new colour schemes and packing-in of Nintendogs and Phantom Hourglass, will be in short supply. To wit, they've bundled in a bunch of things you probably aren't going to want when looking for a rose coloured DS. For example, three copies of essentially the exact same game, plus one attempted bite of the other three with poorer production values.

For the low price of $US 249.96, you can walk away with three copies of Nintendogs and single copy of Petz Dogs 2. With sucker production rates now at one per minute, it's sure to find at least one rube with enough room on the credit card. Warn friends and family who won't know any better!

Nintendo DS Lite Nintendogs Bundle [Gamestop - thanks, Jeff!]


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