THE [email protected] Ace Combat 6 Plane

idolmasterplane.jpg November 22nd brings a new bundle of downloadable Ace Combat 6 hits Xbox LIVE. So? Well, that bundle includes a Su-33 Flanker THE [email protected] Miki. Yes, that means you can dogfight in an [email protected] plane. Right there, that's Bandai Namco making nerd dreams come true! Ace Combat 6 Planes [JAMZY, Thanks setuzoku!]


    Bandai Namco has pissed me of for the last time. I mean come on couldn't they have made an ace combat 6 for other platforms rather than just XBOX. I'm a heavy flight sim enthusiest and demand that ace combat 6 be made for PC and Sony playstation. Until then i will not be buying any Bandai Namco products or games. I'm sure there are alot of flight simers that will agree with me on this.

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