The Life-Sized Plushie Companion Cubes

dianecubes.jpgWhat you see before you aren't just the coolest damn game-related plushies on the planet. They're not just life-sized, and very huggable Companion Cubes, no they're also the grand prizes for the Brooklyn and Denver Funde Razor events happening on Dec. 12 to raise money for Penny Arcade's Child's Play Charity.

That's right, not only can you hang-out with fellow gamers in Brooklyn and Denver and play a little Rock Band or Guitar Hero on a big-screen, but you have a chance at winning one of these Companion Cubes created by Diane Koss with the help of a grant from the Bond Street Group. Each of the two cubes, seen here sandwiching one standard-issue human female, will be awarded to one test subject in each Fünde Razor facility.

Also: We'll be giving away some LEGO, courtesy of Lego and Net Devil, co-creators of the upcoming LEGO Universe massively multiplay online videogame. More prizes to be announced as we get closer to the event.

Joel Johnson will be on hand at the FR in Brooklyn to make sure people get the goodies and I'll be on hand in Denver to rock out.

Hit the link to check out the complete details for the upcoming, and hopefully soon to be, annual event.

Funde Razor


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