The Magical Mystery Mario Art

mysteryart.jpgWhen Michigan School of Art & Design student Victor Uhal first contacted me in late October about collaborating in his design project, I hand no idea what to expect. All I knew was that he had to create a project that would be collapsible in order to fit in a medium sized box, and that he needed someone he did not personally know to open the box, put it together, and critique it. In my mind I suppose I was picturing a box filled with coloured post-it notes and a map. What I ended up with was simply awesome. These four pixel-art Mario figures are made up of joined wooden slats, which were rolled up inside the box in four separate bundles. Each one is probably a good 2.5 to 3 feet tall. Included in the box was a note with instructions as well as an explanation of the work.

This is meant to be a referential piece which brings the Pop Art movement and Andy Warhol in particular to mind. It is a representation of the medium of video games as a form of artistic expression rather than a simple means of entertainment.

Being a former art student myself, that is pretty much exactly what I thought upon seeing the pieces revealed. Very Warhol, and the wooden slat construction really adds to the pixellated feel of the whole thing. It's familiar, yet different enough to stand out from a simple painting or post-it note creation.

It's also possibly the coolest thing I've ever had hanging on my wall, and one wall of my dining room is covered with swords, so that's saying quite a lot.


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