The Nintendo Million (Bajillion) Club

1MILLION.JPGIt's easy to forget just how much money a sweet, innocent company like Nintendo makes. Gamasutra dug through Nintendo financial reports and listed all the million+ selling titles Nintendo (proper) has produced for the Wii and DS worldwide between March 07 and Sept 07 (basically, a million had to sell within that timeframe). And while we've listed all of the results after the jump, just know that the biggest surprise of cumulative sales wasn't Brain Age's near 10 million copies (or the 7.5 million follow-up of its sequel), but Nintendogs, which has moved 15,770,000 units when you include all versions. It all leads us to one final question for Nintendo:

Nintendo DS

Nintendogs: 15,770,000 Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: 12,170,000 New Super Mario Bros.: 11,150,000 Brain Age: 9,660,000 Mario Kart DS: 8,530,000 Brain Age 2: 7,530,000 Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: 1,350,000 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: 1,290,000

Nintendo Wii

Wii Sports: 11,860,000 (including hardware bundles) Wii Play w/Wii Remote: 6,320,000 Mario Party 8: 2,890,000 Super Paper Mario: 1,740,000 Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree: 1,380,000 Mario Strikers Charged: 1,330,000

Can we borrow $5?

Nintendo Reveals Million-Selling DS, Wii Titles [gamasutra][image]


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