The NPD Will Publish Console Figures After All

cheeringkid.jpgLast week's decision by the NPD Group to discontinue posting monthly reports on console hardware sales didn't go over too well. The gaming press hated it because the NPD console numbers are an excellent resource. Gamers hated it because console sales numbers are an excellent source of angry, gloating forum posts. NPD PR rep David Riley was caught unawares by the backlash, but now he's back with good news.

The NPD had been waiting to hear back from the console manufacturers, and now Riley has informed GameDaily BIZ that the "Big 3" are in fact on board. Therefore the NPD will continue to provide media with the monthly hardware sales tally ...

Ah sweet, sweet console sales numbers are now ours to behold each month indefinitely, and everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

NPD to Continue Providing Hardware Data [GameDaily]


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