The Official Plush Companion Cube

weightedcubestuffed.jpg It seems that the game world has gone Weighted Companion Cube crazy. Who knew a little grey box with pink hearts on it could cause such a sensation. Portal fans have made Companion Cubes out of everything from cake to ice to plush. Well fear not, you will no longer have to jab your fingers with needles trying to sew your own as Valve is coming out with their own plushie version of the beloved Cube. According to this image found on Steam, the cube will come in regular form for keeping you company at your office or home and "fuzzy dice" form for you car. Now you'll never have to be without your friend wherever you may be.

[Thanks, Tim]


    Well that looks, um... Kinda shit... and somewhat un-cube like.

    I wonder if the writers look back on the updates & think why did I post this?

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