The Sam & Max Revival (Never Say Die!)

sam_max_580x.jpg Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell's day job? Story writer at Pixar. Purcell created the characters as a youth and went on to draw a comic strip and create a Sam & Max graphic novel. A LucasArts adventure game followed as did an animated series. Then things went south: The comics went out of print, the cartoon was canceled and LucasArts ditched the adventure game. Fast forward to the present day, where Sam & Max is experiencing a revival thanks to episodic point & click games. It's getting to the point where the games are now outshining the original comic. Says Purcell:

I still find that when people bump into me at conventions, they saw the game before they ever saw a comic.

And that's not necessarily at bad thing. Not a bad thing at all.

Sam & Max Piece [Wired]


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