The Ultimate eBay Auction: 30 Years of Videogames

kotaku_vgcollection.jpg So you think you're a hardcore gamer? Try again. Someone on eBay is selling their personal 30-year video game collection. The bidding starts at $US 9,000 and includes 18,000 items. Keep in mind that you'll also need to pay up to $US 1,500 in UPS fees just to have the collection shipped to you. If you want a complete list of every game and item in the collection, check out this site where everything is fully detailed. It definitely skews toward the old systems, as the seller is only offering up 6 Xbox 360 games including Perfect Dark Zero. But you do get a VM Labs - Nuon as part of the deal!

Giant Game Auction


    I only have my next and last gen games as the rest are in storage somewhere.

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