"There's Not An Auteur"

gaberps.jpg Gabe Newell made millions at Microsoft, but cashed out and co-founded Valve and developed Half-Life. A guy that like sounds like he has a vision, like he's an auteur. Nope! Newell explains:

There's not an auteur, not the fiction that movie people tell themselves about the movie occurring in the director's head, and it being your job as someone who's witnessing that on the screen to connect with that vision. That's a terrible way to think about videogames, because they're a collaboration. You've got this lead actor and they don't have a copy of the script, but if they're not having a great time then it doesn't matter what you thought you were doing. All that matters is your ability to engage with him. You have to focus on collaboration, you have to focus on this sharing of authoring the performance with gamers.

So true, so true. And like that, Gabe Newell explains why game movie adaptations just don't work.

Interview [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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