Things We Do In Our Spare Time

A month or two ago I submitted a video for a Seagate competition for Oz journalists. The theme of the comp was "Precious Memories".

I went through photos. I went through videos. I emptied my wallet looking for old phone numbers written on coasters. I came up with nothing.

So, I put together this... thing.

Sadly, my effort didn't win. I think my mistake was that I didn't advertise it enough (it was by popular vote rather than judges). That... and the video was completely silly. Craig Simms, a good friend and former colleague of mine (now at CNET), did take out the grand prize for the Digital Art category. His awesome piece can be found after the jump.

Anyway, it seemed a waste to let the video rot on my hard drive, so here it is for you to enjoy or bag endlessly. I'm open to both!universe_535.jpg


    Ahhhh caffiene, my precious memories of caffiene are of the times when one coffee was all I needed for the buzz to kick in.... before I built up a tolerance :(

    i didn't realise you were having a caffiene trip yesterday when you were talking about living in a hive!

    is this a challenge to sarah and jess after shay's effort this morning?

    @Chris: They should consider themselves on notice.

    Though I think Shay's effort leaves me in the dust. That man really should be in movies.

    Haha it's always the bees.

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