This Christmas Critical for Wii Third Party Support

giantjulienface.jpg Third parties are important. Very, very important. So if the Wii is going to have legs and continue to be successful, the console is going to need strong third party support. Eidos' Julien Merceron (pictured) thinks this Christmas could be make or break for Wii third party support. His thoughts:

Either third party developers and publishers will make money on the Wii platform, or they won't — and if most of them don't I think we'll see a big drop in support for the Wii next year, which could have some consequences for Nintendo, and very positive ones for Microsoft and Sony... So I think that the success of the Wii from the different publishers is going to be the determining point this Christmas...if you can't make money at Christmas on the best platform out there, then you have no chance all year long.

He does have a point. Most people who buy Nintendo consoles buy it to play Nintendo games. So while Nintendo could have a bang-up holiday season, third party developers could be left out in the cold. And no, we didn't add the red glowing eyes to this pic.

Third Party Sales Important [GamesIndustry][Image]


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