This Coin-Op Pokemon Game is a Hit

DSCF9572.JPG The hottest 13 years-old and under coin-op game in Japan? Pokémon BATTRIO. Mini-Bash calls it "Pokémon Puck" and loves the crap outta this game. It's found in kiddy-geared game centers, toy stores and shopping malls across the country. For a hundred yen, players get one puck that features Pokémon of various strength.

Some of them are very rare such as Darkrai. Seen that puck going for around $US 150 on Japanese online auction sites! Once players get the puck, they "scan" it in and place it on the field. It's possible to use up to three pucks in each field. These are then moved around. Certain positions, like a triangular formation, will strengthen certain characters. For each turn it randomly cycles through the player's team. Players must hit a button to select which one, hopefully timing it correctly so a tired Pokémon isn't selected. Mini-Bash isn't so good at the actual game, and we're not quite convinced he totally understands the ins and outs of it. He does love the pucks and often rushes home from school just so he can look at his collection. DSCF9570.JPG


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