This Week's XBLA Releases Are Puzzling, In A Good Way

46971fc22ce6f_featured_without_text_Switchball_2007-03-30_15-04-29-06.jpgThis Wednesday, look for new releases Switchball and Word Puzzle on Xbox Live Arcade. While we don't know much about word-search-with-bombs title Word Puzzle, we really enjoyed our time with Switchball way back at E3. So for any marble game fiends, it's a promising download. Both games run 800 points (lesser known as $US 10).

On a side note, wouldn't a marble fiend fan group be fantastic? We could arrange lectures, readings and dicussions...all about marbles and their many incarnations in not-so-popular culture. Not interested? What if we tempt you with some matching embroidered polos? Yeah, thought so. Xbox Live Arcade gets a double dose of puzzles [siliconera]


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