This Year's Funde Razor is Twice as Good

funderazor4.jpg Just a heads up: Joel Johnson, Brian Crecente and Brian Crecente's hair will be putting on their officially blessed Child's Play fundraiser in two fabulous cities. On Wednesday, December 12th in Brooklyn and Denver, kind hearted and generous gamers will gather to play Guitar Hero and Rock Band, drink some beer and help raise money to benefit hospitalized children for the holidays.

The Brooklyn competition will take place at Barcade (home of the World Famous Kotaku Party 2007) and in Denver, rockers will attend at the glamorous and exciting Walnut Room. In both locations, a donation of ten dollars (either at the door or through raffle tickets depending on the location) could net you a host of currently unannounced fabulous door prizes. All proceeds from bothe events will go to benefit Penny Arcade's Child's Play Charity. Last year's Brooklyn event raised over $US 4,200. This year, let's totally kick the shit outta that total and raise moar.

Joel, who heads up Boing Boing Gadgets, will be handling the Brooklyn bash, while Crecente will be heading up the Denver one. Likewise, Crecente's hair will help with the Denver event. (That, and drink too much beer.) Read more about all this in the link below and help a good cause rock out. Funde Razor '07 [Official Site]


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