zinser.jpgBit over a month ago, THQ delayed a bunch of games. Then they said they were lowering their financial outlook for the year. Now Chief Financial Officer Edward Zinser has quit his job at the company. Co-incidence? Doesn't look like it, but THQ say otherwise:

[Zinser's resignation]is in no way related to the financial condition, results of operations or future prospects of THQ.

Maybe he just got sick of the sell sell sell corporate lifestyle and moved to Alaska to live in a wooden hut, write haiku and fish all day. Who knows, they're not releasing the reason for his departure, saying only that it was by "mutual agreement". Vice president and controller Rasmus van der Colff will sit in Zinser's rapidly-cooling chair until a replacement can be found. THQ CFO Resigns for Unspecified Reasons [Shacknews]


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