Tim Schafer Talks Shit About XBLA Development

schafer_talks_shit.jpgOh, not in a bad way. You didn't think based on that headline that... no... oh, no. He's quite a swell fellow that Tim Schafer, despite the potty mouth. He's simply crafted one of the finest analogies in response to questions if he and the team at Double Fine Productions are working on an Xbox Live Arcade title. With Schafer speaking warmly of "blue-sky prototyping" and of a flood of ideas during the development of Psychonauts that didn't make the cut, one would assume that Double Fine was dedicating at least some resources to Epic Saga: Extreme Fighter HD Remix. Nope, says Schafer.

But he does say:

Who doesn't want to make Xbox Live Arcade games? It's like when you see a Great Dane taking a giant shit and then you see a poodle taking a little Tootsie Roll shit. The poodle is so cute, but at the end of the day you're still picking up shit.

Best. Analogy. Ever. ?.

There's plenty more in the way of Schafer quality goodness at the Gamasutra's coverage of the 2007 IGDA Leadership Forum session.

IGDA Forum: Tim Schafer Gets (More) Creative [Gamasutra]


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