Time To Start Worrying About Rock Band Availability

MATTPIKE.jpgThis is a little...worrying. EA boss John Riccitiello has said that Rock Band's in short supply. OK, we knew that, but he means shooooort supply. Like, not only will it be hard to come by in the US this Christmas, but even when it's made available in Europe, it'll still be hard to come by. How hard? Seems they just haven't made enough of them, Riccitiello saying:

This is definitely not a sprint. We're not going to be able to put enough inventory to meet demand in North America or Europe this calendar year or this fiscal [year]

Fiscal year? That, casual observers, ends in March 2008. And while it's easy to assume Riccitiello's just drumming up hype, he's probably right - you don't delay a game in Europe and Australia over Christmas unless you're actually short on hardware. Is there a worldwide plastic shortage we just don't know about? Rock Band will be in short supply, says EA CEO [GI.biz]


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