Todd McFarlane Talks About Todd McFarlane

mcfarlanehalocontroller2.jpg With 38 Studios, Spawn creator and figure maven Tood McFarlane is throwing his hat in the MMO ring. Joining him is baseball pitcher Curt Schilling and R.A. Salvatore. The new developer is Schilling's brainchild, and R.A. Salvatore is taking on the writing duties. Todd explains his role:

This isn't about an R.A. story, or Todd artwork. This is about — is this, at the end of the day, going to be a cool game to play? And if the answer is yes, then we all did our jobs and there will be plenty of pats on the back to go around for everybody. Matter of fact, if people think it's a Todd art game, then I've done my job wrong.

Todd sure uses the third person a lot.

McFarlane Interview [Gamasutra]


    McFarlane *only* uses third person to describe himself. I used to work in a comic shop and the to-vendor pamphlets his empire of self sent out were some of the strangest reads ever, I wish I'd kept one. Is he the vainest man in comics? Not that he makes comics.

    He's surely the "maven"est.

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