Tomb Raider Anniversary Hits Xbox Live

tranni.jpgLara Croft's updated first adventure has been in stores since late last month for the Xbox 360, and many of you chose not to pick it up, either not giving a damn or just plain laziness. Good news for the latter group! Now Tomb Raider Anniversary is available for download via Xbox Live in two, 1200 point downloads. Unless my math is off, and it generally is, that comes out to around $US 30 for the game, $US 10 off the retail price. The downside? If you've not upgraded to a large 360 hard drive, the 3GB of space this baby takes up is a huge chunk of hard disk real estate, if you're so inclined, the game is listed under Tomb Raider: Legend in the new games section of the download service. An excellent way to cope with post Thanksgiving lethargy...or just general American lethargy for that matter. We yanks love our sitting on our asses.


    Lets hope the price isn't "updated" to account for the usual rip off prices in Oz like that game was over steam during the week.

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