Tony Albrecht Debuts “Tony” Units At Game Connect

pandemic.jpgPandemic’s Tony Albrecht decided to invent a new unit of measurement to compare the processing grunt of the major consoles, in an effort to simplify the concept during Game Connect’s “Great Debate”.

It’s called the “Tony”. Yes, he made it up.

Before the fanboys get themselves worked up, the debate was an exercise in humour.

Well, mostly. Although many of the points brought up during the verbal sparring were legitimate, they were often exaggerated or stretched. Mind you, Tantalus’ David Hewitt did an excellent job of combing the real with the funny as he defended the Wii, and it came as no surprise when he won the debate.

But back to Albrecht:

The 360 has three cores and two hardware threads on each … so you have six units of Tony power. The PS3 [has SPUs]… you can port your code across onto the SPU and it’s around four times the speed – six of those for you to play around with, so you have around 14 Tony units.

How about Nintendo’s effort, Tony?

The Wii has about .2 Tony units.

It should be noted that Albrecht doesn’t own a 360 or PS3. But he does have a Wii.

Can we please have the Tony added to the metric system? It’d make writing all those technical articles on the consoles so much easier.


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