Too Bloody Hot

To: Simon From: Luke

Hey Simon! Welcome to Kotaku Towers, and good luck on being our third, and final, guest editor. Between Keighley and Bogost that seat should be pretty warm by now. Toasty, even. If you need anything, air hockey table's on level 6, while you can find the boutique brewery on level 9, past Crecente's private barbershop.

Speaking of warm, it's hot here today. Too hot. While Australia's got a reputation as a hardy, rugged place, I am not a hardy, rugged man, and with my air conditioner broken I've wilted like a delicate flower. Which makes concentrating, let alone typing, difficult. So I'll stop doing both and have a good lie down. Here's what you missed while Fahey was seeing to your bags:

Jam Sessions causes youth delinquency.

Optimus Prime visits an old friend in the 12th century.

Korean kids learn too much online is bad, but not as bad as refusing to tell their parents they really love them.


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