Too Ill to Eat, Not Blog (Ban Hammer Fun)

To: Crecente From: Ashcraft

Welcome back! We're glad to have you back around Kotaku Tower. It's been too long.

I've had a super rough weekend. Starting late last week, Mini-Bash started tossing his cookies everywhere. Friday was literally spent cleaning up after him and trying to keep the apartment from stinking. He couldn't keep anything down and was put on a strict diet of rice and rice. Yummy!

Then on Saturday night, I got a fever of around 38 degrees, which has dropped but carried over to today. Yesterday, I couldn't even sit up! I forced myself to write today, thinking it might make me better. It did. A little.

Oh, I also banned the crap out of a lot of people on a Friday post. I don't get it. Don't people who comment on this site know our M.O. by now? I'm sometimes baffled!

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