Toronto Rebuilt In Half-Life 2

toronto.jpgToronto seems like a nice place. Never been, but I can see pictures, and pictures make it look nice enough. This Toronto, though, is not nice. Not nice in the slightest. This is City 7, a mod project for Half-Life 2, that's seen the Canadian city re-imagined as one of humanity's last remaining cattle pens in the wake of the Combine invasion. There's a cooky plot involving Gordon, Dr. Kleiner and a faulty teleporter, but really, this is more of a chance for Toronto residents (or visitors with fond memories) to indulge in a little (bleak) escapism. Players will be able to visit the Eaton Center, Mel Lastman Square, Dundas Square, St. Michael's Hospital and the TTC system, all en route to CN Tower, which is City 7's citadel, of sorts. More screens and info below. City 7: Toronto Conflict [via Boing-Boing]


    It's awesome seeing my hometown, where I've lived my entire life, being modeled in 3D for HL2. :)

    Very neat to see Toronto in Half-Life 2. I live here and there are lots of neighbourhoods, parks, rivers and villages inside the city. By the way, it's spelled Eaton Centre. We use Canadian spellings.

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