Trading in Games, Is It Worth It?

fair_trade-1.gifAccording to a recent claim (by a media trading company, Hitflip), gamers lose 50% of game value through trade-ins. The scientific accuracy of the 50% may be in question, but the fact that it sounds reasonable is argument enough. And it got me wondering, do you really think trading in games is worth it? And if so, why? Because to me, it makes a lot more sense just to rent games if you expect to beat them and toss them aside. For the price of one new game, you could snag a ton of rentals a month. Game chains capitalise on us selling them premium items at a less than premium price, prices they would never dare sell the same game for. So why would we?

But if what I was saying really made sense to all our readers, this wouldn't be a topic of discussion. So talk! Gamers face 50 per cent loss on pre-owned exchange [mcv]


    I quite frequently buy games that I think I'll be playing for a long long time. eg Chromehounds.

    After 3 months though I find I'm not playing it at all. After the next big release I'm not really going back to it. So its best for me to try and get rid of it. if I can't sell it through the weekend shopper for like 40-50 (which I usually can't) then I just let it sit and rot on my shelves as EB gives absolutely shithouse tradein prices.

    But! When halo 3 was coming out, they offered $30 per game traded in. So ofcourse i traded in 4 of those dusty shelf games which they previously were offering less than $15 for.

    $30 is still a massive burn compared to the $110 I paid for those titles but its better than them sitting on my shelf doing nothing.

    And no, renting isn't a huge possibility for me as the places near me have bullshit prices, and only like 1 copy of new releases.

    Personally I feel that those guys love bending over the consumer. It hurt me the other day in fact to trade in my pristine edition of Lost planet for Mass Effect. Dont get me wrong both games are brilliant but if I was not a student this would not of happened I like my fat colllection of games. The part that hurts most as you say is the trade in value I was suprised to get $50aus for Lost Planet onaly paying $45 for Mass effect. To top of the PAIN is when you see your copy BACK on the shelf for $110 OUCH! What does a man do'! OUCH!

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