Two Guitar Hero III Packs Go Live

foofighters.jpgIt has begun. Prepare to argue over song value in the comments section as two new Guitar Hero III song packs hit Xbox Live early this morning. The Foo Fighters Pack contains "The Pretender", "All My Life", and "This Is A Call", while the Velvet Revolver Pack consists of "She Builds Quick Machines", "Slither", and "Messages". All of the songs carry the "as performed by" label, which means that they are crafty approximations of said songs and not original recordings the original songs (pardon my initial confusion). Both packs carry the same old price tag of 500 Microsoft Points as piece as well. As Luke so succinctly put it, just as shitty as Guitar Hero II's DLC. Similar packs will hopefully be showing up soon on the PlayStation 3 version, only with a real money value attached to them, which will hurt more.

In Game Content: Guitar Hero III [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]


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