Ubisoft Delays Haze To 2008

haze_delay.jpgUbisoft announced its financial results today, which were up, for those who care about such things, issuing delays for a pair of games at the same time. Haze, a PlayStation 3 "exclusive" first person shooter developed by Free Radical Design of TimeSplitters fame, will not ship this calendar year as planned, instead moving to the first quarter of 2008. This has no impact on Sierra's TimeShift, which apparently is on schedule, but the two are inextricably tethered in my mind.

Similarly, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, an Xbox 360 "exclusive" will ship after the first quarter of 2008, delayed by an unspecified amount.

Haze release delayed to Q4 [GamesIndustry.biz]


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