Ubisoft Threatens Something Awful Over Jade Comic

Ubisoft Threatens Something Awful Over Jade Comic
ubipissed.jpgHead goon at Something Awful, Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka, has been contacted by the legal representation of Ubisoft over the posting of an “extremely offensive pornographic image” of Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond on the site’s popular forums. The image, which has since been pulled from multiple hosts, including the one referenced in the letter to Kyanka, depicts a cartoon character named Jade fellating a trio of gamers and… well, it just gets worse from there. The legal thread cites the linking of a “blatant, vile, and unauthorised misappropriation of Ms. Raymond’s name and likeness” that has caused “caused immeasurable harm to Ms. Raymond’s reputation and career, and constitute an egregious infringement of Ms. Raymond’s personal rights and privacy rights.”

Lowtax responded in the expected Something Awful fashion, posting “I don’t know where this image is located, I do not know who drew it, and the only vague connection to this site is because somebody posted a link to it on these forums.” His response to Ubisoft’s legal council is worth the read.

As I said, the comic seems to have been removed from its previous hosts, but those expecting something worthwhile should look elsewhere.

In the meantime, I’m deleting all known copies of my Patrice Desilets erotic fanfic comics, just in case. It’s a shame, as I really thought the beard turned out perfect.

Ubisoft is going to sue me and I think it’s probably your fault [Something Awful Forums]


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