UI Improvements for Unreal Tournament III

ut3logo.jpgIs Unreal Tournament 3‘s user interface preventing you from being – literally – a happy camper?

It seems Epic is in full agreement with you. Over at the official Epic forums, a new FAQ (judging by the fact it only has two questions) reveals that Epic is very aware that the UI has issues, and it will be tweaking it in an upcoming update.

Q: I am unhappy with the UI.

A: We’re aware that the UI isn’t perfect. We’re working on numerous improvements and additions to the user interface that will be made available in future updates to UT3.

Here’s an idea: Why not just provide players with an easy-to-use tool so they can customise the interface to their individual tastes? I’m not talking World of Warcraft levels of UI modification, but a little something to move and resize on-screen components.

Is that too much to ask?

Ut3 FAQ [Epic Games Forums, via Blue’s News]


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