UMDs Are Still Relevant, Aren't They? Aren't They?

UMD.jpgUMD's? So 2005. This is 2007! They never really caught on as a movie format, and with the new PSP Store offering full-game downloads, they've been relegated to the second-best way to play games on the system. So can we finally proclaim a time of death, end the format's misery? Sadly, no.

The UMD business is still good for us and our publishers. It's still a burgeoning market, and we're still selling a large number of PSPs on a weekly basis, so there are a large number of new people coming into the market.

That was SCEE's Darren Cairns. SCEE's Darren Cairns also says that, when games formerly available on UMD are made available on the PSP Store, they won't always include everything they did in disc format. Hopefully he's talking about agonising load times, and not things like cinematics or extra features.

PC Store won't kill off UMD, says Sony []


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