Uncharted Devs Wish They Hadn't Shown It So Early

giantdrakeface.jpgWe've all played Uncharted. We all love Uncharted. Best game on the PS3 so far, hands down. Funny thing is, a lot of people - who haven't played the game - don't believe us. Think it looks awful. Think it looks patchy. And a lot of them are basing this off some earlier showings of the game, showings that didn't exactly paint it in the best light. Cue a bad case of the regrets from Naughty Dog co-prez Evan Wells:

Something else that I would say might change is...the fact that we showed the game so early. In fact, we knew at the time that it wasn't, you know, solid — in particular the A.I. and the gunplay. And we put it out there hoping we'd get the benefit of the doubt that we still had seven months of production left and then of course, we got the feedback...and it was good feedback, and in some ways it was a great focus test for where we were headed.

Well, a lot of it wasn't good feedback, it was mean feedback! Awful, horrible feedback. Still, we get what you mean. Game's better, you're happy, PS3 owners are about to be very happy. Naughty Dog Regrets Showing Uncharted So Early [1UP]


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