Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Demo Busted? [Updated]

uncharted.jpgAccording to tipster Troy it is. Having downloaded the stunningly huge 1.2GB of demo, this is all poor Troy saw:

After installing and when you go to play, you get the Playstation 3 screen and then you get a Insert Disc screen.

So i inserted any PS3 game and tried it again.

Same Playstation 3 screen again and then the screen goes black and just hangs.

I’ve sent an email to SCE Australia to confirm, so consider this a rumour for now.

Readers, if you’re experiencing difficulties with your download of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, drop me a line as soon as you can.

If this does turn out to be true, then the last few weeks haven’t been good for demos in general…

UPDATE: Thanks to phonicpod, we have more info from NeoGAF. A few comments from the thread:

Download the demo and what?
Watch “Please insert the game disc.”?

I get the PlayStation 3 logo/tune, then nothing….black screen.

the demo, it does nothing.

on my pal ps3 connected with hdmi with primary english language

Update #2: According to SCE Australia, the demo is not available for download here – at least not yet – so it’s not a major concern for us.

It seems to be a problem with PAL PS3s though. It may be region-locking, but judging by the “Please insert game disc” error, it’s probably not.

Update #3: Turns out the game disc error was a red herring. All the latest here.


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